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What matters is the love that you give
Remember all the thing that you've seen. Does another go and never seen. Nothing in my forgotten years, life got a little serious.


jack the ripper has been identified after 126 years, and if you don’t think that’s the coolest shit- you’re wrong.


This show is fucking hilarious. 


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ok so i drew a cuddly jackson + a sightly annoyed sebastian (bonus!) for computerband who asked me to draw more jackson so yay there you go and thank you ♥ 


Surkin for the-bloody-raven as part of our art trade, i’ve never drew him before heheh

hope you like it! ( ˘ ³˘)❤


better-ctfo's favorite adventure time character, Lemonhope (for her, of course) 

"Freedom is a warm gun" he thought.

- The gift that they give us is our domain after arriving in our hands. - Finn said while taking a sip of his lemonade.

- The truth is that you’re probably drinking my parents. - Lemonhope put the arpa beside, stood up and took the glass from Finn’s hand.

- Hey, my lemonade!

- Have some respect for my people, the minimum of respect.

- Screwed up, bro… - Jake said - But now I want to eat a lemon pie… Alone.

 Lemonhope put Finn’s glass on the table.

- Shut up you both! - Bubblegum covered Lemonhope’s ears with her hands.

Little Lemonhope’s eyes settled on nothing and all of a sudden, he got rid of Bubblegum’s hands and ran out.


tagged by mascherry ( thank you to give me something to put in my mind, beberland ♥) 

name: Luara
nicknames: Lua, but I miss that Xav thing and that fucking stuff.
birthday: October, 19
sexuality: Bissexual, but at the moment I’m thinking about that hair and that glasses and that tattoo in the arm and…
height: 1,67
time zone: First, I read Twilight Zone, ok. GMT -3
date/time right now: 20h50pm - August, 30th
average hours of sleep I get each night: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 hours
last thing I googled: Wayne Gacy/Ted Bundy.
most used phrase: Something beetween “It could be worse” and “Ok, no”
first word that comes to mind: Justice (yeah, but not Xav and Gaspard).
what I last said to a family member: “What’s the news? I need news”
place that makes me happy: Oh, Avenida Paulista, yes, yes and that bar next to mah work and and and and… my bed
how many blankets I sleep under: 2, sometimes 3
favorite beverages: Coffee, beer, wine.
last movie I watched at the cinema: Jesus, I think… Maleficent, but I’m waiting to The Hateful Eight and I want to watch A dame to kill for too.
three things I can’t live without: Money (you can buy cigarettes and music and internet and clothes and food and beer), Stevie Wonder and my dear other side of town.
something I plan on learning: I’m learning piano at the moment, but I also need to learn double bass
a word of advice for my followers: Don’t take people seriously, people are not serious
listen to this song: Sinnerman.
my blogs: I don’t have other blogs, but I think I can do it one day

Oh I don’t will tag no one because I pass a long time away from here and I don’t know who still in here, but… I need the news, maily of larytadaftjustice.

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JG Quintel holding my JavaDoodles cups that I made for him!

Shit quality, but… Look! Xavier Again! Regular Ed Banger Show! Quintel, I saw what you did…